Is your Organisation Future ready?

Future ready firms lead positive paradigm shifts in their industries in times of radical change.

Principles of Future Ready Organizations


1. Futuristic Leadership

Culture of Learning, Exploration and Applying
Leadership Training in Futures Thinking
Critical Questioning of existing Systems


2. Utopian Mindset

Active Shaping of Desirable Futures
Positive impact on People, Planet and Profit
Research on exponential Technologies


3. Visionary Strategy

Systemic exploration of Future Markets
Experimentation with bold concepts
Active preparation for radical paradigm shifts

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Get ready with
Future Modeling

KNOWEAUX is a Strategic Time Travel Consultancy.

Founded in 2016, KNOWEAUX developed Future Modeling, the first standardized framework combining scientific foresight methods with future ready principles and 21st Century Skills.

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Future Modeling


The scientific framework consists of 
3 standardized phases and 9 steps suitable for any topic or industry.

The Future Modeling Canvas guides participants through all steps and the variety of different tools and facilitation methods behind.

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Future Modeling Perspectives

Future Modeling Perspectives


Our Services

We support organizations and leaders to imagine, think and create their own Desirable Futures with instant application in future ready strategies and services.


Time Travels

Consulting Sprints and Programs to explore future scenarios of specific industries and relevant markets guided by senior advisory and analytical research.

Future Modeling

Trainings for implementing a future ready culture and mindset among company’s management teams, leaders and all employees.


We stand on the brink of a technological revolution that will fundamentally alter the way we live, work, and relate to one another.
— World Economic Forum, Fourth Industrial Revolution


Time Travelers

Future Modeling was developed and piloted over 
a period of 3 years by a team of experienced Futurists, Strategic Consultants and Experience Designers.

Over 40 national and international Future Modeling Projects have been realized.

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Future Modeling changed my Life
— Jesus